@SHO_TwinPeaks #TwinPeaks is one of @IndieWire…

@SHO_TwinPeaks #TwinPeaks is one of @IndieWire’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2017: “a masterclass in storytelling and filmmaking.” #Showtime 

3. “Twin Peaks”

Mark Frost and David Lynch’s follow-up to their groundbreaking series from the ‘90s doesn’t disappoint. For sheer scope, audaciousness, and execution, the revival — or if you prefer, the new season — is a masterclass in storytelling and filmmaking. Every image, every beat, every texture is deliberate and pulls the viewer inexorably in. “The Return” doesn’t use anything so crass as soft-focus lenses or abrupt wake-up sequences to indicate that what’s happening is in the mind. Instead, the very narrative bends reality; it doesn’t mimic the dream, it is the dream.

While its heart beats within the frame of one Kyle MacLachlan, who delivers surprisingly restrained and nuanced performances as three different characters, he is but one vehicle through which the viewer travels in this dreamscape. Those characters with less screen time, even those making brief cameos, still feel essential to the fabric of this reality. This is their story to tell in their own way, and do they ever tell it.

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