The year that was bore witness to some truly b…

@SHO_TwinPeaks @IndieWire named #Part8 of #TwinPeaks the Best TV Episode of 2017: “quite simply a masterpiece.” #Showtime

The 25 Best TV Episodes of 2017, Ranked

The year that was bore witness to some truly beautiful installments of television, some which literally blew us away.

By Steve Greene, Hanh Nguyen, Liz Shannon Miller, Ben Travers

1. “Twin Peaks

Season 3, Episode 8, “Part 8”

  • directed by David Lynch
  • written by David Lynch and Mark Frost

If David Lynch had only wanted to return to television to make “Part 8” of the “Twin Peaks” revival, it would’ve been worth it because it is quite simply a masterpiece. The hour of bravura filmmaking initially lulls the viewer into complacency by picking up with its episodic storytelling before breaking ground on new television territory with the visually stunning and stirring poetry of chaos, conflict, and ultimately, corruption.

After leaving “The” Nine Inch Nails behind at the Roadhouse, the episode presents a series of beautifully disturbing images over the dissonant “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” that amounts to the birth of evil devised by mankind. That in itself is a rumination on our own world, but also reflects on the constant malevolence that has been present in “Twin Peaks” from its inception. It’s both frightening and yet stimulating in its horror.

While the technical and artistic merits of this surreal sequence makes “Part 8” an excellent standalone experience, what elevates this even higher is how it also moves forward the narrative, tying everything here with the series’ central character Laura Palmer, launching a thousand theories, and countering the bleakness with “so much love” and hope. All this, and it’s only an hour. It’s most exciting episode of television this year and will be for many years to come.

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