Twin Peaks Real Time Re-Watch Reminder: STARTS…



Just a reminder that the Twin Peaks Real Time Rewatch starts tomorrow with the Pilot episode!

If you’re going to join in, a few things to try to remember…

  • make sure you tag your posts as “twin peaks real time rewatch”
  • Try to remember that we’re treating this as “real time”, so even if we’ve seen the entire series, we need to make sure we only look at and talk about the episodes that have already happened.
  • Please please try to remember the above point. Not just to maintain the effect we’re going for, but also because there will be people joining us who will be watching the show for the first time
  • I know the above might be tricky for the people who watched Fire Walk With Me sometime in the past week. If you’re going to make any comments in this discussion that have anything to do with FWWM, or make any reference to it or the knowledge that we would have from it that we would not have from the episodes themselves, please tag it as FWWM spoilers. IF this is your first time watching and you haven’t seen FWWM, blacklist “FWWM spoilers”

I think that’s it! A few people asked me if there was a specific time they were supposed to watch, and there isn’t watch it whenever you have time. However, if people want to organize a time to watch it together and take part in some kind of chat or Google hangout or whatever, that would definitely be cool. Just post about it so that people know and can join in!

This is a wonderful Idea! If you are watching along and want to supplement your viewing with discussion, we do the Who Killed Laura Podcast. We watch each episode and discuss them. Please join our conversation as you experience the show one day at a time! 

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There is a 3 day break in the Twin Peaks Real Time ReWatch following the reveal of Laura’s killer. So if you need to catch up, check out The Who Killed Laura Podcast on iTunes:

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