myellenficent: “It was such a great day. We …


“It was such a great day. We were outside, drinking coffee, having fun, and I was just there throwing rocks at bottles. There are few things as satisfying as throwing rocks at a bottle, with the expectation being that if it hits, it’s going to explode. It was really perfect, actually. David had no problem just rolling. We were burning film in those days. We were burning through thousand-foot mags, as I kept throwing rocks. He was shooting from behind me so he could see the whole thing. I missed a ton. And I said, “David, are you sure you don’t want to cut?” And he goes, “Nope, we’ll keep rolling.” I threw a bunch, and I finally nicked a bottle or something. It took a while. There were a few very close ones. But what he was capturing, and I didn’t realize this, is that everyone was watching me, and each time I threw a rock there would be a [collective gasp from the crew]. You think it’s going to happen! You never really get tired of watching, because you think, “This could be the rock that breaks the bottle!” I realized later that that’s what he was going for. He was going for that moment of expectation that would hopefully be fulfilled. It just took me a very long time before I made it happen. (Laughs.) And then he gave everyone else a chance to throw rocks. We didn’t film that, but everyone had their chance. It was such a fun day.” —

Kyle MacLachlan