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See The #TwinPeaks Cast On Set In Gus Van Sant’s 1989 Polaroids

Twenty-seven years ago, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper first touched down in Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer.

Considered technically and artistically revolutionary for its time, the show reeled in a huge cult following that never died down. Sticking to its promise to return after 25 years, the show hit Showtime this year for a long-awaited third season.

Today, just as everyone was getting used to seeing the cast with a few more wrinkles, Brain Magazine has reminded us of how baby-faced the gang was when the first season aired.

Unveiling a series of on-set polaroids taken by director Gus Van Sant back in 1989, we see Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer), Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) and Kyle MacLachlan (Dale Cooper) all give the camera a bit of attitude.

While Gus Van Sant never actually directed Twin Peaks, he did hang around in the same circles as David Lynch, alongside names like David Bowie and Chris Isaak.

With the cast completely unaware of what the TV project was about to become at the time, the snaps give the kind of feel like the calm before the storm.

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Heather Graham by Gus Van Sant