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Review Retrospective of Twin Peaks Pilot “Nort…


To lead up to the premiere of the new Twin Peaks revival on Showtime next Spring, I will be re-watching the saga one chapter at a time. This is the first entry in the initial wave of reviews/retrospectives, wherein I will review each episode in chronological order. I will discuss thoughts and comments on the craft and content of each episode; a very new-fan friendly approach that avoids discussing spoilers from future chapters and focuses on appreciating the work itself for its sum and its parts. Don’t expect any dogmatic grades/ratings/rankings here. That isn’t my style.

Hopefully these reviews will be entertaining at least and insightful at most. Thanks for checking it out, the review/retrospective is under the cut! 

(It’s a long one, but then, of course, they all will be.)

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In honor of Twin Peaks Day:

An old post, and a series of texts that I would be keen to continue, if there’s any interest from you all. Perhaps as posts on here or curated more as a digital zine?

Would any of you be interested in this sort of content?

Of course i have more experience now so I’d try to present any continued installments more like actual essays (more structured but similar dives into the material)

Happy Twin Peaks Day! #TwinPeaks #KyleMacLa…

Happy Twin Peaks Day!

#TwinPeaks #KyleMacLachlan #DavidLynch #MarkFrost #AgentCooper #DaleCooper
CherryPie #TwinPeaksDay



Behind the scene on #TwinPeaks #FlashbackFrida…

Behind the scene on #TwinPeaks #FlashbackFriday

It’s been one year since the season fina…

It’s been one year since the season finale of Twin Peaks, what a wonderful, amazing, mind trip it has been. I want and need more, give me season 4 now.

Last year, we celebrated the premiere. And it…

Last year, we celebrated the premiere. And it was amazing!
This year we celebrate one year since that fateful day when we stared
at the s3 finale, and the s3 finale stared back at us, and we were frail, and mortal, and scared. We’re still here to
tell the tale. Somehow. At least we’re here to tell tales! And draw them! For each other!


How does this exchange work?

It’s a fanworks
secret santa for all Twin Peaks canon. Participants sign up to create and receive one piece of
Twin Peaks-related fanwork that’s as tailored to their tastes as
matching will allow. Every participant will submit their preferences and
prompts privately and, after sign-ups end, be matched to another
participant, so that every participant will have one known assigned
recipient and one mysterious assigned gifter. The finished works will be
drafted and linked to this blog before the deadline and posted on the
TPTR finale anniversary, so that everyone gets to celebrate it with a

When does it run?

Signups open: if you’re reading this
Signups close: July 31st, 2018
Assignments go out by: August 3rd, 2018
DEADLINE: August 25th, 2018
Works are posted: September 3rd, 2018

How do I sign up?

By filling this form.
Please use an email address that you check regularly in case we need to
contact you – and notify me of any url changes on your tumblr!



#TwinPeaks Congratulations to @DAVID_LYNCH, @m…

#TwinPeaks Congratulations to @DAVID_LYNCH, @mfrost11, @DebbieZoller1, Richard Redlefsen, & the crew of @SHO_TwinPeaks for their nominations today. Proud to have worked with you all!

Also a BIG thank you to all of YOU – the damn finest fans anyone could have 👍 #Emmys