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withoneeye: Call it what you want — a darkness…


Call it what you want — a darkness, a presence. It takes many forms. But it’s been out there for as long as anyone can remember, and we’ve always been here to fight it.

Let’s talk about the darkness!

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If you are a fan of Twin Peaks, experience with Christopher and Scott as they explore the classic TV show from David Lynch and Mark Frost through the season 3 revival on Showtime.

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Twin Peaks and Life is Strange


For Life is Strange fans who know Twin Peaks, it should be no surprise at all that the game was heavily inspired by it and features a lot of references! Here a list of all of those references I could find!


The plot of Twin Peaks also takes place in the Pacific Northwest and is centered around the mysterious disappearance of Laura Palmer, a well liked teenage girl, which mirrors Rachel Amber, prior to the series start.

• Both Rachel and Laura led double lives that even their closest friends didn’t know about. They even share the same birthdate, July 22nd.

• Both Life is Strange and Twin Peaks work with the “quiet town with secrets” trope.

•  Both Life is Strange and Twin Peaks revolve around the fact that a well-loved man in the community commits horrendous murders.
• The “Dark Room” where Rachel was taken, as well as the red curtains Max crosses when entering the Vortex Club party, are references to the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.
• The implication that Jefferson is shifting his attention to Victoria, who wins the Everyday Heroes photo contest, is similar to how the Twin Peaks villain kidnapped the winner of the Miss Twin Peaks pageant, which is in any case a parallel to the Everyday Heroes Photo Contest.
• In the Dark Room, a letter to Sean Prescott addressing Nathan’s mental heath is signed by a Dr. Jacoby which is the name of a psychiatrist in Twin Peaks.
• Mark Jefferson states that his orchestration of the Dark Room crimes stems from an obsession to capture the loss of innocence and youth. BOB and the other spirits of the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks feed on ‘garmonbozia’, a physical representation of pain and suffering, which they must torment people to create.
• In the bathroom in the Two Whales, ‘fire walk with me’ is written, an obvious reference to the movie Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, the prequel to the original series.
• The white horse in Twin Peaks which is featured in scenes with Laura Palmer is a mirror of the doe that appears in reference to Rachel Amber.

Chloe’s car license place is TWNPKS (Twin Peaks).
• If Max tells David about Chloe’s murder in episode five, he shoots and kills Jefferson. Twin Peaks has a similar situation with Leland Palmer smothering Jacques Renault, whom he thought responsible of his daughter’s murder.
• In the nightmare sequence before the final decision, there are two very Black Lodge-esque moments: The presence of Doppelgangers of Max’s friends and acquaintances which torture her psychologically, and a throwback to the academy hallway at the start of episode one where all the dialogue and hovertext is backwards.

• Nathan Prescott’s character might be inspired by Bobby. Frank Bowers’ character by James.

Kate Marsh’s last name might be a reference to Twin Peaks character Evelyn Marsh.
• Samuel Taylor’s character may be an analog to the character of the Log Lady in Twin Peaks. Similarly to the Log Lady, Samuel is seen as a strange, creepy or quirky character and has a seemingly supernatural connection to the town with an uncanny insight into its mysteries.

whokilledlaurapodcast: nyotauhurah: 1.4 Rest…



1.4 Rest In Pain

“Even the ones who laugh are sometimes caught without an answer: these creatures who introduce themselves but we swear we have met them somewhere before. Yes, look in the mirror. What do you see? Is it a dream, or a nightmare? Are we being introduced against our will? Are they mirrors? I can see the smoke. I can smell the fire. The battle is drawing nigh.”

4 The Who Killed Laura Podcast – Do You Know Where Dreams Come From (4:S1E3) Rest in Pain; Airdate: 4-26-90) –

It’s day 4 of the Twin Peaks Real Time ReWatch! Watch an episode each day on the anniversary of the events and then listen to The Who Killed Laura Podcast. Today’s episode: Do You Know Where Dreams Come From (4:S1E3) Rest in Pain; Airdate: 4-26-90) –



Fire Walk With Me was never about giving context to to Killer Bob’s murders. It was always only ever about the inhabitants of the Red Room, and how their existence as empty ciphers was never as empty as it seemed.

After this rewatch, I may need to go back and RE-rewatch Twin Peaks, focusing on how Lynch uses sound throughout the series and film.

Between the variable volume between segments, the choice to keep the Log Lady intros at a lower volume, and the character of Gordon Cole…

…I should go to bed…

We’d love to discuss your views on the movie and the series! We do The Who Killed Laura Podcast, A discussion of the classic TV show from David Lynch and Mark Frost as well as the upcoming Season Three on Showtime.

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Happy Twin Peaks Day everyone!

It begins! Twin Peaks Day!

Join The Who Killed Laura Podcast in a daily Real Time Rewatch of the classic TV show from David Lynch and Mark Frost as we get ready for Season Three on Showtime.

1 The Who Killed Laura Podcast – Pilot (1:S1P Northwest Passage; Airdate: 4-8-90) –

#TwinPeaks Black Lodge is in south Minneapolis

#TwinPeaks Black Lodge is in south Minneapolis

There’s a dead body in the display window of a cozy block of storefronts in south Minneapolis.

Twin Peaks fans passing by will instantly recognize the plastic-wrapped mannequin corpse as a mockup of Laura Palmer, or they might take notice of the hand-painted sign on the glass: Black Lodge Gifts. Inside, artist Nancy Waller has created a miniature but massively immersive alternate world inspired by the cult-classic TV show by David Lynch and Mark Frost.

There’s the black-and-white chevron floor and that lurid red velvet curtain, unmistakable as the decor in the surreal realm that serves as the store’s namesake. Right next to the Laura Palmer shrine there’s the Double R diner table, a fresh piece of cherry pie waiting. There on a bookcase are the Log Lady’s logs, or rather Waller’s delicately hand-crafted plush recreations of them.

And there’s Waller herself, dressed as any one of the characters from the show. Some days she’s Diane or the Log Lady, other days the Giant or the Woodsman. And some days she’s dressed like the dapper Gordon Cole, a character played by her inspiration himself, David Lynch.

“It’s an homage to the great David Lynch,” Waller says. “[People] can come in and spend as much time as they want, talk. It’s almost become like an Elks Club or an American Legion post…. People come and drink their coffee and come and talk about season three of Twin Peaks. I fantasize that there’s a Black Lodge in every city. This is the new Elks Club. The Benevolent Society of the Bookhouse Boys.”

So is Black Lodge Gifts an art installation or an actual gift shop? In true Lynchian fashion, it’s both at the same time. You can buy Waller’s cute beanbag cherry pie slices, the delicately textured stuffed logs a la the Log Lady (fit for the Black Lodge, or your lodge up north), or stuffed decorated donuts.
The rest of the shop exists to be experienced. It’s a dream within a fiction made real—an appropriately mind-bending, Lynchian concept.

And it’s a magnet for fans. Waller says she’s had more than a thousand people come through since she opened the Black Lodge at the end of 2017, despite not having a website or a contact phone number. She’s delighted when people pop into the store to take pictures or swap theories on some of Twin Peaks’ ephemeral mysteries.

She’s even hosted episode viewings, projecting them onto a screen laid over the Black Lodge’s signature velvet curtain. The tiny space only accommodates four viewers at a time, plus Nancy behind the counter—or whoever Nancy is dressed as. “It’s an unbelievably weird experience,“ she says."You’re watching Twin Peaks inside Twin Peaks. It’s a dream within a dream. It’s not a virtual reality because it’s real.”

The store’s gleeful impracticality is by design. Waller has owned the storefront in south Minneapolis for 28 years, where she’s long showcased her art in rotating window displays. (She also has a sign-painting business.) After nearly three decades of struggling to make a profit, she says she was ready to give up the retail space—but she wanted to go “out with a bang.”

She noticed other businesses around town shifting their focus to the Super Bowl, so on what she describes as “a lark,” Waller decided to do something flagrantly anti-commercial. She would pay tribute to one of her favorite artists and end her tenure at the storefront in style. A place that mostly just existed to be experienced, at no cost, where you could buy some stuffed Twin Peaks souvenirs if you’d like.

And then, a surreal mitzvah: Waller started turning a profit. After selling just two plush logs over the last couple years, she sold 30. She can hardly keep the cherry pie beanbags in stock; she works on them constantly behind the counter, only pausing to chat, a half-constructed slice on the counter.

“This was supposed to be a pop-up that lasted two months,” Waller says. “And now what? Now it’s a success, people are begging me not to take it down. So I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll keep it going for a while.’”

So the spookily charming pop-up shop will stick around, for now.

“[Lynch] is tapping into all of our dreams. I think we as Americans have very troubled dreams now,” Waller says. “By creating his world in reality, and making soft cuddly logs for people, I’m trying to make a better way that we can live and have business.”


Black Lodge Gifts
42nd Street and Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis
The space is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 5 p.m.

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