Category: mister jackpots

Diane, I am learning to juggle.

Diane, I am issuing my own currency.  It is accepted at the Double R Diner, Big Ed’s Gas Farm, and casinos owned by the Mitchum brothers.  

Diane, I. believe my coffee and donuts are broken. The coffee tastes like spoiled grape juice and i think the donuts are just bread. Call for help.

Diane, Lucky 7 Insurance Agency spares no expense on employee birthday parties.  Festivities include dancing, presents, and a musical performance by crooner-turned-casino-owner Rodney Mitchum.

I was hoping to crack the case as special insurance agent Dougie Jones, or perhaps his gambling vigilante alter ego Mister Jackpots.  

Diane, I believe the coffee machine at Santino’s is broken. 

Diane, I am re-enacting a scene from David Fincher’s Se7en with the Mitchum brothers. We are using a cherry pie as a stand-in for someone’s head. 

Diane I am dining at Santino’s.  The cherry pie here is damn good, fresh from Szymon’s Bakery.  

Diane, my wife makes a chocolate cake that I can only describe as provocative. 

Diane, I have recorded another album.