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y’all ever think about how…..oh my god they were classmates


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i forgot about this, whoops…a quick sketch of the incredible costumes from @dye-ann‘s fic The Grades, which y’all gotta read, by the way,

The Grades – Beatrice_Sank – Twin Peaks [Archive of Our Own]:


This is the second assignment I wrote for @mindblownie in the wonderfulxstrange challenge (@countdowntotwinpeaks). Seriously, had I had world enough and time, I would have written all of them, they were so good.

The prompt was: “
buddies Jeffries & Diane, circa late 70s/early 80s. Probably, idk,
exchanging fashion tips or gossiping about their colleagues over a
coffee or a drink after work”

And so it includes all of the above. Washington sends an inspector to the Blue Rose team every year, which has become a weird fashion contest between the cool cats of the office…

The idea with this one was for it to be lighter and funnier than my first text (no kidding), but at the same time, having written something about Naido and Teapot Jeffries and something about Diane and Jeffries, I was interested in questioning the echoes between the two situations. So there are…literal echoes between the text. Why? Who knows. Maybe just for the comparison. Maybe reminiscence of past/future lives on the side of the characters. Maybe I’m just a really big troll with no imagination. Anyway, it turned out to be not so light (my own fault), and so fucking long (very like me too). That being said, I hope it still works.

I would recommend to read “Naido, laying naked by the well in the woods” first (and it’s shorter!) but the order doesn’t really matter.

Echo, laying naked by the well in the woods – Beatrice_Sank – Twin Peaks [Archive of Our Own]:


I’m so excited to post this gift to @mindblownie as part of the wonderfulxstrange challenge. The prompt was “Something
about Naido where she’s her own character too, beyond just being a
flesh shell for red Diane. What kind of spirit is she? Does she have a
wider role or an agenda of her own? Etc.”

So I wrote a sort of origin story for Naido, which also turned out to be about her relationship with teapot!Jeffries, about healing, self-knowledge, trauma and sisterhood. I mean at least that’s what I tried to do. Other characters from the Lodges make an appearance too, and everything is very allusive and vague and chat have you, but in the end it also fills in some blanks in the mythology.

I also included some music recommendation in the notes, as an option.

I just wanted to thank you so much for that prompt, it turned out to be very inspiring and gave me a lot to think about and also material to experiment with. In the end it’s possible I got a bit caught on, and it went very weird. But it’s not a conventional character, and I felt like it called for a different kind of writing. Hopefully it’s more mysterious than unreadable ^^. And thanks so much @countdowntotwinpeaks for hosting this, I had so much fun!


There is more. In fact, I felt a bit guilty this assignment got so weird, so… I wrote a second one in your list. It’s part of a “series” but in fact the ties between the two are very vague (still about a duo, still about friendship and hurt, with some echoes in the dialgoues), wait for it, suspense is intense, I’m going to post the other link in  a second post…


Made it for designing purpose. I really love FBI Boys❤ They are so cute! 

( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ).

It may


be their favorite coffee but I just matched the character’s personality to it!

Dale Cooper – Espresso

Albert Rosenfield – Macchiato

Gordon Cole – Latte

& Donut

Phillip Jeffries – Frappucino


FBI’s hottest couple circa 1985

(fun fact: Jeffries’ pose is modelled after Grace Jones on the poster for A View To A Kill. because.)

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honestly, i LOVED that big teapot, but i couldn’t help imagining how those scenes would look like with an all human-shaped cast

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Is this not how it went


a wip that has now been abandoned for 2 months bc i came back to poland for summer and didn’t take it with me because too big, didn’t want to damage in transport, and no scanner here anyway