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Johnny Come Lately – atinylemon – Twin Peaks […

Johnny Come Lately – atinylemon – Twin Peaks [Archive of Our Own]:


Happy Wonderful and Strange Exchange (2018) Here’s my gift to @random-red-ramblings. What a dream prompt! Station shenanigans when Frank is Sheriff and Harry’s a deputy is something we can all enjoy! 

“As Sheriff, Frank Truman runs a tight ship but occasionally, he needs a little help getting back on course. Also Harry is there. Hijinks ensue.”

The other part is here if you want more Trumans. 

[Oh as usual all of my love and thanks to @livinglobster for reading so many drafts of this, each sadder that the former, until we got here. You’re a saint and the absolute best.]

wellick: here’s my fill for @laughingpinecone‘…


here’s my fill for @laughingpinecone‘s prompt for @countdowntotwinpeaks‘s wonderfulxstrange fanwork exchange!! their prompt was:

Dale/Harry or Dale/Albert, together in dreams (or any weird dimension of your choice accessible through dreams) at any point during the missing 25 years. Do they find each other on the shore of a violet ocean? Can they be together there? Or is it a more hellish union in the red room (/convenience store motel / new place / your pick)?

your description of a “violet ocean” gave me a wonderful mental image, so i decided to draw something for this one. i hope you like it, man my drawing skills are rusty but i havent tackled something this big in a long time and i’m pretty happy with how it came out! all of your prompts were really wonderful, it was super hard to choose.

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Brothers in Arms

Those good ol’ Truman boys for the Wonderful and Strange Exchange for @random-red-ramblings​. They wanted some station shenanigans with Frank as sheriff and Harry in his deputy duties. So, I thought it’d be nice to have some snap shots of their careers in uniform. 

Familiar Ground – trufield – Twin Peaks [Archi…

Familiar Ground – trufield – Twin Peaks [Archive of Our Own]:


Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks), Big Ed Hurley, Tommy “Hawk” Hill, Harry Truman (Twin Peaks), Frank Truman (Twin Peaks), Cappy, Joey Paulson, James Hurley, Bobby Briggs, Andy Brennan
Additional Tags: bookhouse reunion, Fix-It, post TPTR

@its-never-over‘s WONDERFULXSTRANGE prompt: Cooper meeting the bookhouse boys again after the 25 year gap.

After the showdown with BOB, Cooper decides to stay awhile.

I hope you enjoy! ^^

(wonderfulxstrange exchange arranged over at @countdowntotwinpeaks – thanks so much!)



So I just started rewatching season 2 and Gordon Cole interrupting people to say the exact same thing they’re already saying is still reliably hilarious 



Coop & Harry



when we’re both old and gray



Belated happy birthday @random-red-ramblings!!



wings wings wings!