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@Kyle_MacLachlan and Naomi Watts #BTS #TwinPeaks

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Here’s my buddy DougieeEEE AKA @kyle_maclachlan this is a #bts selfie from #twinpeaks Oh, and thanks for sending me some fancy rosé vino. I cannot wait to drink by the fire this weekend!!#pursuedbybearwine Thanks Dougieee, love Janey-E xx

2 years ago on May 21, 2017, #TwinPeaks season 3 premiered on Showtime.

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Kyle MacLachlan – DAMN!

Kyle MacLachlan at the Showtime premiere of Twin Peaks Season 3.

Sheryl Lee and David Lynch on the set of Twin Peaks.

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It is happening…

The brilliant and talented stars of #TwinPeaks, @Kyle_MacLachlan 🍩 , and @madchenamick 🥧have arrived! 🌲🌲⛰⛰🌲🌲

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It’s been one year since the season finale of Twin Peaks, what a wonderful, amazing, mind trip it has been. I want and need more, give me season 4 now.

@LauraDern and  @DebbieZoller1 on the set of #TwinPeaks 

#TwinPeaks makeup artist @DebbieZoller1 spoke to @Variety about working on @Kyle_MacLachlan’s characters: “In taking him to his evil doppelganger and Dougie, you really had to figure out how to go from light to dark.” #Showtime #SHOEmmyFYC

Twin Peaks
Despite working with David Lynch for more than two decades, “Twin Peaks” was an entirely unique experience for Debbie Zoller and her makeup team. “I wasn’t allowed to have a script, so I had to take very cryptic notes that no one else could understand if God forbid they were found,” recalls Zoller. She memorized every script, keeping track of more than 200 characters in her head. “If I couldn’t remember a character, I would go to a production office on set that had a safe. Only one person had the key. I would get out the script, look up the notes and they would put it back behind lock and key again.” As if the secrecy wasn’t stressful enough, Zoller then had to create three different characters for actor Kyle MacLachlan. “We did Agent Cooper first, starting from what everybody recognized. Then, in taking him to his evil doppelganger and Dougie, you really had to figure out how to go from light to dark, while making him believable. You don’t want it to look over the top,” she says. “When we’re working on it, the first and foremost thing is that I didn’t want to interpret David’s work. I just wanted to give him exactly what he was asking for. And that’s not easy.”

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