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So true…

(This is a meme from one of my favorite instagram accounts, @nickcaveandthebadmemes! )


Chrysta Bell as Special Agent Tammy Preston in Twin Peaks, Season 3 (2017)


“Twin Peaks” Part 5 (2017)

Twin Peaks: The Return (03×17 & 03×18)

“The past dictates the future.”


Twin Peaks: Gotta Light?


Twin Peaks S03E14
David Lynch/ Mark Frost


Twin Peaks: The Return – Part 8: Gotta Light? (2017) dir. David Lynch

Diane, I am not sure if I am dining with agent Phillip Jeffries or in him. 

Diane, I am learning to juggle.

“We laughed at them, now they’re laughing at us“

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