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Kyle MacLachlan selecting his blend for Pursue…

Kyle MacLachlan selecting his blend for Pursued by Bear coffee with the team at Walla Walla Roastery, Washington.
Photos by Andrea Johnson Photography

An apple on the head keeps the doctor away.

An apple on the head keeps the doctor away.

Happy Wine Wednesday

Happy Wine Wednesday

@Kyle_MacLachlan Watch as I talk with Bear abo…

@Kyle_MacLachlan Watch as I talk with Bear about pursuing Washington state Syrah! #WineWednesday

#PursuedbyBearWine now available on the site.

Hollywood star @Kyle_MacLachlan returned to Wa…

Hollywood star @Kyle_MacLachlan returned to Washington to make wine

The #TwinPeaks star has his own Walla Walla winery, Pursued by Bear.

KYLE MACLACHLAN HAS proved that no matter how big a star you become, there’s something special about coming home again.

MacLachlan, who lives in New York and Los Angeles and has enjoyed a successful Hollywood career, uses Washington’s wine industry to keep his connection to his home state.

Growing up in Yakima, MacLachlan and his father loved to get out to wine country regularly. One of their first visits was the now-shuttered Wineglass Cellars in the Yakima Valley. Their wine travels took them farther until they reached Walla Walla, where they met Eric Dunham, who hit it off with the younger MacLachlan. The two became friends, getting together whenever Dunham visited New York on travels for Dunham Cellars.

MacLachlan, meanwhile, graduated from the University of Washington, then headed to Hollywood to pursue acting, finding fame in movies such as “Dune” and “The Doors” and TV shows such as “Twin Peaks,” “Sex and the City” and “Portlandia.”

He never forgot his roots, and when he got married in 2002, he wanted to serve Dunham Cellars syrah, which had become a favorite.

A few years later, he was chatting with Dunham, who brought up the idea of starting a winery. MacLachlan was keen on the idea if Dunham would partner with him. They began with cabernet sauvignon from the 2005 vintage, using the same Yakima Valley vineyards that Dunham used.

MacLachlan called the brand Pursued by Bear, a whimsical nod to his acting career and a line in Act III of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” in which an actor is directed to exit the stage … while being pursued by a bear.

Dunham passed away in 2014, but Daniel Wampfler, who recently left Dunham Cellars to take over the winemaking at Abeja, continues to work with MacLachlan on the Pursued by Bear wines. This is no a vanity project for MacLachlan, who has grown his brand to nearly 1,000 cases. You can find him walking the vineyards in the weeks leading up to harvest, and his hands are purple during crush. He loves the fact that wine has brought him home, and he is thoroughly vested as a Washington vintner.

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